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Welcome to Eisfeld


What is there to discover in our town?


Where can I rent, lease or buy real estate?


Where can I live?


Where can I enrol myself?


How can I get to the museum?


In which association or organisation can I practise my hobby?


Where can I enrol my child for a nursery school?


The answers to all these questions and much more can be found at the following websites. We have arranged all the essential, interesting and fascinating information for you along with the latest news to enable you to find out what you need.

But the best way is if you go and convince yourself how nice our town looks with its interesting history, with lots of historical buildings and how attractive our town districts are.


The new interactive town-map will help you to find the way around in Eisfeld.





has 5,600 people in the main town and the districts Harras, Waffenrod-Hinterrod, Hirschendorf and Heid.


is a historic and economical centre with a big surrounding area.


means quality of life and a future-compliant working and living together in an unusual atmosphere.


means secure jobs because of a growing and dynamic economy.


has innovative management concepts for enterprises and citizens.


means a sense of tradition and a cosmopolitan town.


has lovable people.



Is great!


Best wishes from the town hall of Eisfeld


Sven Gregor