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Eisfeld a location of industry and commerce

The town of Eisfeld is located in the geographical centre of Germany, at the southern entrance to the Thuringian Forest. Eisfeld is connected to the motorway A73 with two entries and exits The federal roads B4, B89 and B281 cross here. The Werra-Railway also allows a handling of goods.

Facilities for relaxing and sports are provided. The varied landscape and the different service providers in the surrounding area have suitable offers for everybody. No matter whether riding a bike, walking, bathing and swimming, games and fun or skiing in winter, the region around Eisfeld offers various possibilities. The big cities Erfurt and Nuremberg can be reached by car within an hour.


The history of the economic development


Eisfeld's economic development started with the awarding of the town rights in 1323. The town of Eisfeld grew up as a place on the border between Thuringia and Franconia. It became a location of different crafts, trade and service manufactories. In the Thirty Year’s War it was totally destroyed.

The construction of the Werra Railway in 1858 brought an economic upswing and changed Eisfeld into a little industrial town. With the main line to Meiningen and further to Eisenach, the branch lines to the Thuringian Forest and the Sonneberg country and also the simultaneous development of the road network Eisfeld was very well connected to other regions. Numerous enterprises for toy-, wood-, porcelain-, textile-processing and metalworking were established.


After the reunification of Germany Eisfeld is located in the heart of Germany and uses its chance. Best prerequisites for the settlement of new enterprises offer the rehabilitated old locations and the newly developed industrial estates. The industrial estate "Eisfeld Sued", "Suedlicher Gutsweg", and "Gromauer" are connected directly to the motorway A73 with its to entries and exits Eisfeld North and Eisfeld South. The opening of further industrial estates is planned.


The town and its surroundings have a high potential of highly qualified employees of different professions, especially in metalworking and processing, in electronics and precision engineering, textile, upholstered furniture and furniture production, producing of tools, machine engineering, machine and instrument production industries. The new vocational school centre in Eisfeld offers many possibilities for the training of apprentices for employers.

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