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In the Green Heart of Germany and surrounded by a picturesque landscape with forested hills and meadows and on the foot of an impressive castle there is the town of Eisfeld on the banks of the river Werra. It is one of the towns in the district of Hildburghausen situated only a few kilometres from the border to Bavaria. The southern Thuringian Forest, one of the most beautiful low mountain regions in Europe, it is called, not without reason, the “Green Heart of Germany”. Eisfeld is one of the cheery small towns on the southern slope of the Thuringian Forest that have preserved their own Franconian language and culture.


Certainly no other small town in Thuringia like Eisfeld has produced so many outstanding men, wrote Wilhelm Greiner and meant personalities such as Georg Rau (1488 – 1548), a German choirmaster and cantor at St Thomas’ church; Justus Jonas (1493 – 1555), a reformator; Johann Dillinger (1593 – 1647), a German evangelic theologian and composer;

Georg Decker (1596 – 1661), a German letterpress printer; Johannes Brever (1616 – 1700), a Lutheran theologian; Johann Werner Krauss (1690 – 1772), a superintendent and historian; Carl Barth (1787 – 1853), a German draughtsman and copperplate engraver; Otto Ludwig (1813 – 1865), a German writer; Georg Credner (1825 – 1899), a pedagogue, preacher and the director of the teacher training college in Bremen; professor Otto Recknagel (1845 – 1926), a painter; Robert Gundermann (1855 – 1913), a teacher and painter; Carl Lorenz (1880 – 1968), a painter; professor Hermann Blechschmidt (1882 – 1934), a sculptor; Karl Roehrig (1886 – 1972), a sculptor; Otto Bloss (1898 – 1963), a painter; professor Ernst Strassner (1905 – 1991), a painter; Ernst Elsmann (1906 – 1964), a painter; Alfred Recknagel (1910 – 1994), a German physicist and university lecturer; Rosso H. Majores (1911 – 1996), a painter, graphic artist and National prize laureate; Wolfgang Thierse (born in 1943), the vice president of the German Bundestag at present and much more…


You can experience both history and an unspoiled nature to recover, to relax and to go on a hike. In wintertime, the nearby Masserberg has a thick and a prolonged blanket of snow (snowpack), as does the district Waffenrod-Hinterrod as a part of Eisfeld.


Outside the town, there are many opportunities to hike or cycle along the Werra-cycle-trail, to the mountain Blessberg with its lookout tower, to the summer toboggan run at Waffenrod and to the sources of the river Werra. Along the so-called “Green belt”, you can experience the history of the former two German states.


Discover Eisfeld, located in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany, its rich history, arts and culture in the centre of a wonderful landscape. Still today, fortresses and castles bear witness of the former rulers.

Eminent poets and thinkers (philosophers) have left their marks, which are living on in culture and traditions.


The landscape and the hospitality of our likeable/lovable inhabitants will win your interest.


Experience the great variety of sights, museums and popular resorts. Visit one of the glassmakers’, porcelain makers’ and toymakers’ workshops. The centrality of the town in the Green Heart of Germany is an excellent opportunity for excursions to the centres of culture in Thuringia and Upper Franconia.


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