The Werra Cycle Trail

One of the most varied and most beautiful cycle trails in Germany connects the south of the Thuringian Forest with the town of three rivers Hann. Muenden. It runs every time near the river Werra. Many cyclists start their tour at Eisfeld. Well signposted, the Werra Cycle Trail runs over agricultural paths and it is suitable for families.


Whether you start at the spring of the river Werra in Fehrenbach or in Siegmundsburg, it goes downhill to Eisfeld to the valley, from the Rennsteig downwards to the valley of the river Werra.


You can get to Eisfeld by a train of the Sued-Thueringen Bahn via Eisenach and Meiningen. You can get a train timetable from:


The Werra Cycle Trail is more than an inside tip and with its scenic attractions and various sights along the Werra it can compete with the big cycle trails.


You can get further information about the whole trail here:


We wish you a lot of fun on your tour from the springs to the mouth of the Werra!


Eisfeld tourist office, Markt 2, 98673 Eisfeld
Telephone: 0049 (0)300 308