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The Rennsteig Trail



From the middle reaches of the Werra to the upper reaches of the river Saale, the Rennsteig extends along the crest of the Thuringian Forest and the Thuringian Slate Hills to the north of the Franconian Forest.


The Rennsteig is a historical boundary path on the crest of the Thuringian Forest, which marked the border between the Duchy of Franconia and Thuringian and Saxon territories. Until today, it closed the Franconian territories of southern Thuringia off from Thuringia.

The Rennsteig runs along the crest of the Thuringian low mountains range from northwest to southeast at a height of 500 to 970 metres. It begins in Hoerschel on the river Werra near Eisenach and ends after about 170 kilometres in Blankenstein on the river Saale.


Eisfeld is the southern gate to the Thuringian Forest. Discover the countryside, its sights and impressive scenery from here.

The Rennsteig Trail is one of the most beautiful long-distance trails in Germany.


You can get further information on the Rennsteig here: