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Hiking along the Werra-Burgen-Steig

“It must be marvellous to climb up to the impressive castles on the high banks of the river Werra and to look from there around into the world.” – That might be the thinking of the members of the association Werratalverein in 1885, beginning to mark the trail from Hann. Muenden to the Wartburg castle.


From the spring of the Werra near Siegmundsburg, the walk leads to Masserberg and then down to Eisfeld into the valley or around, depending on where one starts. Eisfeld, the town at the upper reaches of the Werra has had a medieval castle complex since the 12th century which later became a princely residence with a castle.

Today the Eisfeld castle houses a regional museum with national historical documents, a restaurant and a hall for cultural events.

The walk continues to Bockstadt where the next castle is. This was the residence of the former barons of Muenchhausen. The way along the river Werra runs to the basilica of the former monastery Kloster Vessra, up to the Osterburg near Henfstaedt and to the castle Landsberg near Meiningen.


Almost 500 km offers many possibilities for long and short walks, rounds or combination tours by bike and boat, for spring tours in the green beeches in the forests of the Hainich and the Rhoen, for cool summer walks in shorts, for colourful marches in autumn or winter walks with snow-shoes.


There is a lot to discover: Fortified churches, monasteries and castles, celebrations of the knights, minstrel contests, English parks and cemeteries, and also good food and art on the way.


You will find further information at:




or in the Eisfeld tourist office.


We would like to wish you a lot of fun walking and discovering the cultural variety of southern Thuringia.